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What businesses would you like to see come to Lakeshore?

Preliminary results are in from a survey about what types of businesses residents would like to see come to the Lakeshore Avenue business district. You can weigh in on this question right now by leaving a comment.

Out of the Closet withdraws bid. Community meeting March 2nd

Council member Pat Kernighan reports today that Out of the Closet has withdrawn its pursuit of the GapKids space on Lakeshore Avenue. She invites the community to a public meeting on Sunday, March 2, at 2 PM, to discuss creation of a long-term plan for the neighborhood commercial areas in District 2.

Grand Lake traffic-calming proposals

An all-volunteer committee has prepared recommendations for pedestrian and traffic improvements at the intersections of Lakeshore/Lake Park Avenues and Lakeshore/MacArthur Blvd. and for northbound Lakeshore between MacArthur and Lake Park. Please read and weigh in. Your input is important!

Oakland Heritage Alliance seeks nominations for Partners in Preservation Awards

Oakland Heritage Alliance seeks nominations for its 2008 Partners in Preservation Awards to honor those whose work and efforts have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in historic preservation. Nominations must be postmarked by April 21. Awards will be given on May 8.

42-story scoping sessions loom over Schilling Garden

The City will prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) regarding a proposal to build a 42-story condo building on the site of the historic Schilling Garden near Lake Merritt. The City invites comments from the public regarding the scope of the EIR at either of two upcoming hearings (November 28 and December 10) or in writing until December 10.

An emerald view or a gaze through a Coke bottle fragment?

The recent meeting sponsored by the developers of the proposed 42-story development that would sit on the site of the historic Schilling Garden was more a display of rhetoric than reasoned discussion. Oakland’s preapplication/predevelopment process should be reviewed and restructured to provide a forum for achieving community consensus and better urban planning—not merely a mechanism for developers to create the appearance of support from a lopsided selection of “community representatives.”

Oakland’s proposed tallest building would dwarf historic neighbors

The proposed 42-story, 457-foot-tall Emerald Views project would become the tallest building in Oakland and the tallest Bay Area building outside of San Francisco. It would be three to four times taller than the two historic apartment buildings immediately adjacent. It is separated from other relatively very tall buildings by 900 feet or more.

Second Golden Age of tile?

Tile expert Riley Doty and historian Joe Taylor will discuss the new Golden Age of California tile this Thursday (Valentine’s Day) at 7:30 PM at Chapel of the Chimes. The lecture—open to the public—is part of Oakland Heritage Alliance’s Thursday Lecture Series.

It’s Back: The 42-story high rise that would erase Schilling Garden

Developer David O’Keefe will sponsor a public meeting Tuesday evening, July 31, to discuss his proposed 42-story building on the shores of Lake Merritt on the site of the Schilling Garden, adjacent to Snow Park.

Local politics vs. the real world

The biggest shortcoming for me in the current mayoral regime is not that Ron Dellums is not a good CEO. This is a democracy not a corporation, a business, or a factory; it’s a town of many neighborhoods and cultures. What I did expect from this administration, at the least, was a return to participatory democracy, something that should be possible at the local level.

Retail vacancies pose opportunity for community input

The departures of See’s Candies and GapKids, and other changes, open up significant retail vacancies on Lakeshore and Grand Avenues. How will they be filled? Ken Katz explains that history shows the best tenants result from an engaged community, and the time is ripe to renew that process.

Pat Kernighan: Out of the Closet and the GapKids space

Pat Kernighan—city council member for District 2, which includes the Grand Lake business district—writes that she does not believe the proposed Out of the Closet thrift store would be a good fit for Lakeshore Avenue. She is working with the broker to encourage a more suitable tenant. Council member Kernighan will convene a meeting to facilitate greater, and proactive, community involvement in the future of the business district.

Court overturns City’s approval of Oak-to-Ninth Project

Responding to a pair of environmental lawsuits filed by local activists, Alameda County Superior Court judge Jo-Lynne Lee ordered the City of Oakland to undo its approval of the controversial Oak-to-Ninth Project.

Oak-to-Ninth ruling leaves Ninth Avenue Terminal under a cloud

Though she reversed the City of Oakland’s approval of the Oak-to-Ninth project, Judge Lee did not grant the Ninth Avenue Terminal’s wish. Hope lives on, however.

James Vann: Decision gives second chance on Oak to Ninth

James Vann, a representative of the Coalition of Advocates for Lake Merritt, cheers the recent court decision overturning the city council’s approval of the Oak-to-Ninth project, which he sees as giving Oakland, and its city council, a second chance to do the right thing at that site.

Sunday’s rally for Hillary

The obstacles I encountered at last Sunday’s rally for Hillary Clinton raise questions about the candidate’s approach to free speech and about the effects of canned campaigns on our freedoms, our creativity, and our diversity.

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