Majority believe Constitution established a Christian nation

A recent survey by the First Amendment Center disappointingly demonstrates widely held erroneous beliefs about the Constitution and the Founders’ intentions for religious freedom.

Church, State, marches, and candidates

From Saturday’s March Against the War to Obama’s rally: How I choose when to, and when not to, bring Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church into a potentially political matter.

March 16th candle-light service marking the fourth anniversary of Iraq War

March 16th, just days before the fourth anniversary of the start of the war with Iraq, and as a part of nationwide Christian Witness for Peace events, Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church will hold a candle-light service to mourn and pray for the strength and courage to embrace a better way. The public is invited.

All the rivers of paradise

Peace in the world requires peace among the religions, which necessitates dialog both between them and within them.

Brief thoughts on the execution of Sadaam Hussein

Once again, I am reminded that the world does not fit neatly into categories of right and wrong, just and unjust, moral and immoral.

An attack on Christmas?

As Christmas approaches someone, somewhere, will start talking about a supposed “attack on Christmas.”

I don’t buy it.

Election season raises concerns about role of religion in politics

Guidelines can help us sort out tricky issues of church and state and can help candidates relate to religion with integrity.

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