Pat Kernighan: Out of the Closet and the GapKids space

Pat Kernighan—city council member for District 2, which includes the Grand Lake business district—writes that she does not believe the proposed Out of the Closet thrift store would be a good fit for Lakeshore Avenue. She is working with the broker to encourage a more suitable tenant. Council member Kernighan will convene a meeting to facilitate greater, and proactive, community involvement in the future of the business district.

James Vann: Decision gives second chance on Oak to Ninth

James Vann, a representative of the Coalition of Advocates for Lake Merritt, cheers the recent court decision overturning the city council’s approval of the Oak-to-Ninth project, which he sees as giving Oakland, and its city council, a second chance to do the right thing at that site.

Graham Drake: “No” to FatBurger

Lakeshore/Greater Mandana resident Graham Drake opposes the FatBurger proposal because it would devalue the neighborhood and is ill-suited to the target market of Lakeshore Avenue.

Mandana/Lakeshore intersection “an accident waiting to happen”

Mandana Circle residents Don and Bette Spagel express their concern that the intersection at Lakeshore Avenue and Mandana Blvd. is so confusing that “it’s an accident waiting to happen.”

James Vann: The true message of the Inaugural event

James Vann explains why he is “in total sympathy with the mass show of disgust and outrage at the nomination and election of Mr. De La Fuente for a 9th and 10th year as president.”

First-hand account of District 2 electioneering violations

Susan Bergmann recounts a disturbing day of District 2 poll watching and electioneering violations by partisans.

Daniel San Souci is excited and optimistic, and knows who to blame

Writer and award-winning illustrator of children’s books, Daniel San Souci, is excited and optimistic about the positive developments in the neighborhood—from Splash Pad Park to Trader Joe’s. And he holds Patricia Kernighan directly responsible.

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