Sunshine Week arrives March 11th

Sunshine Week, March 11–17, celebrates and acts on our right to open government. A recent audit of access to Oakland Police Department records that should be public shows how fragile a right that can be.

League solicits nominations for Making Democracy Work award

The League of Women Voters of Oakland invites you to nominate—by March 5—an Oakland resident or organization for their Making Democracy Work award, to honor those who have envisioned a way to improve Oakland and have mobilized others to work with them to effect a change that has benefited the broader commuity.

Join the League at the movies—and more!

The League of Women Voters of Oakland invites you to a free showing of “Iron Jawed Angels” to help them celebrate their 87th birthday on Sunday, February 11, at 1:15 PM. They are also hosting a presentation and discussion on the various health care plans being proposed for California, including the Single Payer plan, on February 22.

Measure O: A Clean, Grassroots, Educational Campaign

The campaign for Instant Runoff Voting in Oakland was a huge success for Oakland. Not only did we adopt a new, more efficient method of electing our local officials, but we did it with a clean, grassroots, educational campaign.

Vote with the League on November 7!

The politically active, advocacy-oriented side of the League of Women Voters offers its Yeays and Nays for Oakland and California ballot measures.

County Registrar of Voters working hard to secure the vote

Helen Hutchison reports on the efforts of the Alameda County Registrar of Voters to insure that the upcoming vote is fair, secure, accurate, and recountable.

Why we support the Oak-to-Ninth referendum

The City’s backward planning process led to a project deficient in so many ways that it deserves to be challenged by Oakland’s voters.

Helen Hutchison is the president of the League of Women Voters of Oakland.

Email Helen.

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