I have trouble saying no to anything

The sudden arrival of 35,000 brand-new bilingual board books provides a great opportunity, yes, but also demands quite a scramble by the East Bay Children’s Book Project.

Children’s Book Project gives away 50,000th book

A more literary variation on “dumpster diving” satisfies East Bay teachers’ appetite for children’s books, allowing the East Bay Children’s Book Project to reach a major milestone. Ann Katz suggests entertaining age-appropriate reading for kids from preschool through third grade.

Celebrate National Literacy Month at the Children’s Book Project

The East Bay Children’s Book Project supplies books to children who wouldn’t otherwise have them. Celebrate National Literacy Month by helping their effort.

Ann Katz is the director of the East Bay Children’s Book Project, located at the Grand Lake Neighborhood Center, 530 Lake Park Avenue (map).

Email Ann.

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