At the end of most stories, you’re given the opportunity to post a comment to provide feedback, praise, criticism, or additional relevant facts or insights.

However, a comment is likely to be read only by those who read that story after you post the comment but not by those who read it previously. You may feel what you have to say deserves a broader audience.

Or you may have something to say that doesn’t relate directly to any of our stories. (In fact, you might want to call attention to a story we’re missing entirely!)

In such cases, we invite you to submit a Letter to the Editors. Unlike a comment after a story, you have no guarantee your submission will be published. The editors will select letters for publication based upon, among other things, their importance, relevance to the Guardian’s mission, timeliness, quality of reasoning, respect for facts, credibility, value added for our readers, and the demands of justice.

Letters selected will be published on the Letters to the Editors page.

Unlike print media, you don’t have to collapse your thoughts into any arbitrary length (e.g., 250 words). However, you’ll be more persuasive if you write succinctly and clearly. So don’t be so long-winded that your readers tire before the end!

To submit a Letter to the Editors, email it to us at letters Include your name, the city where you live (and, optionally, your neighborhood in Oakland), and a telephone number where we can reach you.