Map of proposed Emerald Views and other very-high Oakland buildings

Map of the proposed Emerald Views building as well as other selected tall buildings in Oakland.

Artist conception of Emerald Views project

At 457 feet tall, the proposed Emerald Views project would dwarf the historic apartment buildings at its base: the Regillus (L) and the Bechtel Building (R).

Creators of Rand Avenue’s Succulent Garden

Hayden Foell (L) and Brian Kemble created the succulent garden on Rand Avenue.

Kapok Tree Trunk

Trunk of the Kapok Tree in the succulent garden on Rand Avenue.

Towering Agave

Hayden Foell’s Agave salmiana towers over Rand Avenue. Photo taken June 1, 2007.

Sorry, Charlie! Still there, March 8, at 5:00 PM

Despite protestations to the contrary, the clothes dryer had not been removed from the parking lot of the Kwik Way.

Kwik Way Watch: What blight?

This clothes dryer, dumped along the Kwik Way’s parking lot, is just one example of the blighted conditions cited by many respondents in the recent FatBurger online poll.

Here you’ll find larger and higher-resolution versions of photos and graphics appearing elsewhere in the Grand Lake Guardian.

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