Photo credit: Ken Katz.

This clothes dryer, dumped alongside and near the rear of the Kwik Way’s parking lot, is just one example of the blighted conditions cited by many respondents in the recent FatBurger online poll.

In addition, a resident of one of the adjacent apartment buildings in an email message directed earlier this week to Hoang Banh, our Neighborhood Services Coordinator, complained that she had been staring at this abandoned appliance for six months—along with a constant stream of other trash and litter. In the same message, he or she also complained at length about the noise and other disturbances generated by customers of the Serenader which is also owned and operated by the Hahn family:

Much of the noise that I hear...any night the Serenader is open is people hanging out in the [Kwik Way] parking lot...blaring their car stereos, talking loud, yelling, arguing, etc. On nights they are open late patrons have stayed in the lot until well after 2:30 AM.

These specific complaints echo those the Grand Lake Community Council has been hearing for the last couple of years and will be on the agenda of their Thursday, April 5 meeting at the Neighborhood Center beginning at 7:00PM.

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