Oakland election results in semi–real-time

I will update this post periodicially during Election Night to keep you informed of the vote count for the two elective posts and two of the three measures on the Oakland ballot.

Last updated: 12:03 a.m., Wednesday, Nov. 8

City Council, District 2
Total precincts: 32 Reporting: 25 78 %
Pat Kernighan 4108 55%
Aimee Allison 3372 45 %
City Auditor
Total precincts: 273 Reporting: 170 62 %
Roland Smith 15828 36 %
Courtney Ruby 27776 63 %
Measure N: Libraries
Total precincts: 273 Reporting: 170 62 %
Two-thirds vote required
Yes 32494 62 %
No 19720 38 %
Measure O: Instant Runoff Voting
Total precincts: 273 Reporting: 170 62 %
Yes 34217 68 %
No 16259 32 %
Trader Joe's to replace Lakeshore Albertsons

After ten months of uncertainty following the departure of Albertsons from its 3250 Lakeshore Avenue location, it was announced today that Trader Joe’s will be the new tenant, which will open in “early 2007.”

Lakeview Mural Project seeks donations soon to beat rainy season

The Lakeview Mural Project asks for financial support for their on/off-ramp beautification plan.

Refurbished garden aims at accessibility to the visually impaired

The Sensory Garden celebrates its Grand Opening on Sunday, October 22, from 3–5 p.m. in Lakeside Park Gardens.

Cleveland Cascade and Fox vie for part of $1 million in preservation grants

You can vote to influence which of 25 Bay Area sites receive a total of $1 million in preservation grants from a partnership between the National Trust for Historic Preservation and American Express. Two Oakland treasures — the Fox Theater and the Cleveland Cascade — are among those competing.

Press release from Oak to Ninth Referendum Coalition: “Stopping Oak to Ninth Referendum Reveals Charter Violation”

[Editors”s note: The following is an unedited press release from the Oak to Ninth Referendum Coalition, received at 4 p.m. on Sept. 12, 2006.]

Oak to Ninth Referendum Coalition charges “serious violations of the City Charter”

The Oak to Ninth Referendum Coalition has written to City Attorney John Russo, “protesting his action to halt verification” of the 25,000+ signatures gathered on a petition for referendum to reverse the city council’s July 18th approval of the Oak-to-Ninth project. The Coalition asserts “serious violations of the City Charter by the City Council and city staff.”

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