The Lakeview Mural Project plans to install a mural on the long concrete wall that is next to Lakeview Elementary School and that faces the I-580 on/off ramp at Grand Avenue.

Ten local artists — led by muralist Peter Lee (a.k.a. “the artist by the Lake”) have just finished a detailed design of the mural, and they are ready to paint.

Titled “Our Community—Our World,” the mural visualizes a global version of Lake Merritt, a panoramic view of the whole world represented by natural and man-made landmarks and cultural icons, starting from Oakland and continuing over the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Oceania, the Arctic, and Antarctica. In the sky, children are riding on the back of flying Canada geese, waving and smiling.

After painting begins, the public—both children and adults—will be invited to join in.

The project encourages the public to provide financial support to make the project a reality. Time is of the essence, because they would like to beat the rainy season.

Checks may be sent to Lakeview Mural Project, P.O. Box 70423, Oakland 94612. Contributions of $300 or more will be recognized by the donor’s name (and optionally an impressionistic image of the donor’s face) in a designated area of the mural.

For more information about the Lake Mural Project, visit or contact Peter Lee at (510)367-8597 or