The League of Women Voters of Oakland invites you to nominate an Oakland resident or organization for their Making Democracy Work award.

The League celebrates community leaders—individuals and organizations that have envisioned a way to improve Oakland and have mobilized others to work with them to effect a change that has benefited the broader community.

The Making Democracy Work awards that the League will give out this year will honor two such individuals and/or organizations that have, in the League tradition, helped to make Oakland strong, vibrant and fair.

Recipients of the award over the last 15 years include a reporter from the Tribune, Asian Community Mental Health Services, the founders of the neighborhood newsletter task force, and Votantes Unides.

Nominations are open to any Oakland resident or organization that is contributing or has contributed to Oakland in a significant and meaningful way. Nomination forms can be downloaded from the League’s website. All nominations must be received by March 5th.