Prop 90—A Trojan Horse for California

City Attorney John Russo warns against Proposition 90, which would disarm communities from protecting themselves from unmitigated development and sprawl; would stifle consumer protections; and paralyze government. Russo urges your NO vote on Prop. 90, which he calls the Full Employment for Lawyers Act.

District 2 gave Instant Runoff Voting a push. You should too!

Laura Wells—a member of the board of the Grand Lake Neighborhood Center—gives credit to District 2 for giving a big push to Instant Runoff Voting (IRV). She says that now is your chance to vote YES on Measure O to make IRV a reality.

Student to Aimee: You’re not my kind of liberal

District 2 resident and Skyline High student Evan Morier says that Aimee Allison isn’t his kind of a liberal—in part because her actions conflict with her stated ideals.

District 2 and 3 activists and neighbors: Aimee Allison is the progressive choice

A group of 18 activists and neighbors from Districts 2 and 3 say that Aimee Allison is needed on the City Council to move city leadership in a progressive, pro-community direction.

District 2 activists and neighbors: Pat Kernighan is the clear choice

A group of 33 activists and neighbors, all from District 2, say that Pat Kernighan is their clear choice for City Council, based on her proven record for achieving tangible results in this district, her careful listening and responding to the needs of her constituents, her bridge-building abilities, and her integrity and civility.

Jane Powell, preservationist, author, book/library lover: NO on N

Jane Powell is a writer and a preservationist who loves books and libraries. She wants the Kaiser Auditorium to be preserved and not sold for development. Yet she is voting NO on Measure N and urges you to, too.

Dawn Hawk: Kernighan delivers below 580, too

Brooklyn–Bella Vista activist Dawn Hawk describes Pat Kernighan’s accomplishments for her below-580 neighborhood.

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