District 2 resident and Skyline High student Evan Morier says that Aimee Allison isn’t his kind of a liberal—in part because her actions conflict with her stated ideals.

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I am a District 2 resident and a student at an Oakland public school, Skyline High. I am voting for the first time Tuesday, and I have become very interested in the race for City Council in my district.

I consider myself a liberal, however it appears that I stand for different “liberal values” than Aimee Allison.

Allison is a Green Party member, and says she wants to “bring Oakland up to Kyoto Treaty standards on climate change,” yet drives an SUV that gets 13-16 miles per gallon.

She says that the Port of Oakland “should have to pay [taxes] like a private business,” but she herself failed to pay business tax in Oakland for four years.

Allison says she is for affordable housing and tenant rights, but her husband is a real estate agent selling expensive homes in Oakland, and they are landlords for a rental property.

She claims to be pro-education, yet sends her child to a private school. I have attended Oakland Public Schools since kindergarten, and I am deeply insulted and troubled that Allison does not support our public schools enough to enroll her own child.

I am entirely puzzled at the contradictions present in her platform, and must question her motives in making policy should she be elected. Would she really stand up for our schools? Would she stand up against landlords such as her husband? I do not believe so.

Patricia Kernighan has helped develop the Grand Lake Farmers’ Market and brought us a future Trader Joe’s at the former Albertsons site on Lakeshore, with only one year in office. Pat stands for my values, and will get my vote November 7th.