I was at the Paramount Inauguration event last Monday, and was one of the public speakers on the “Election of Council President.”

I certainly heard the booing and jeering, and while I would not be surprised if a few people, and it was probably very few, inappropriately expressed their frustration, however, I did not hear nor witnessed any racial epithets from the vicinity of my seat.

I am, however, in total sympathy with the mass show of disgust and outrage at the nomination and election of Mr. De La Fuente for a 9th and 10th year as president. People are fed up with his rudeness, bullying, intimidation, vindictiveness, backroom deals, and Chicago-style political maneuvering with Don Perata. People were acting out their feeling: “What are the councilmembers thinking?”

The occasion of Mr. Dellums’ election as mayor was a strong plea for change… including council leadership. Why could the council not see that? Not know that? There was disappointment and disgust that even if the councilmembers themselves felt intimidated, that Mr. De La Fuente should have had the decency to step down. And after Mr. Handa explained that it was Councilmember Brooks’ turn to be vice president, it is criminal that the councilmembers proceeded to plow ahead regardless having been informed of that fact.