Kwik Way Watch: Out-of-control dumpster

This trash—uncontained by the dumpster in the Kwik Way’s parking lot—is yet another example of the blighted conditions cited by many respondents in the recent FatBurger online poll.

Lake Merritt’s Pergola and Colonnade

Lake Merritt Pergola and Colonnade.

Armistead Maupin at Lake Merritt Hotel

Armistead Maupin, author of “Tales of the City,

at the Lake Merritt Hotel, sharing his enthusiasm about the launch of one of the country’s first urban independent-living communities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) seniors—Barbary Lane Communities at Lake Merritt.

Lake Merritt Hotel from lakeside

Lake Merritt Hotel from lakeside.

Lake Merritt Hotel circa 1973

Lake Merritt Hotel, 1800 Madison Street, as it appears on a postcard circa 1973.

Scammer at the corner of Lakeshore and Mandana

A green Gaia donation box at the corner of Lakeshore Avenue and Mandana Boulevard.

Think Grand, Shop Grand, Be Grand window sign

Cover of Think Grand merchants directory. Makes a great window sign!

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