Scammer at the corner of Lakeshore and Mandana

A green Gaia donation box at the corner of Lakeshore Avenue and Mandana Boulevard.

Think Grand, Shop Grand, Be Grand window sign

Cover of Think Grand merchants directory. Makes a great window sign!

Butternut–Goat Cheese Pasta on a plate

A seasonal squashy dish.

A welcome flood of books

Boxes of books make fine furniture while reading one of the 35,000 copies of a bilingual board book received and redistributed by the East Bay Children’s Book Project.

Parkway Speakeasy Theater warms its East Lakeshore neighborhood

Happy Birthday to you, Parkway Speakeasy Theater!

Taking a last look from his pylon perch

The pylon with bucket above the Lake Park Avenue KFC will be coming down—along with the red tile roof—as part of updating the signage.

KFC picnic tables to be replaced and moved

These concrete picnic tables on the Walker Avenue side of the Lake Park Avenue KFC will be replaced and pushed back towards the building, effectively widening the sidewalk.

Here you’ll find larger and higher-resolution versions of photos and graphics appearing elsewhere in the Grand Lake Guardian.

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