I have thought carefully about the upcoming election in District 2, and have decided to recommend Patricia Kernighan for the job she already fills. I have listened to Aimee Allison and like what she says. I believe that she is doing good work for youth who are facing or already in the military. I hope she will continue that work since many of us, including Pat, have long been antiwar.

I have been an activist in this neighborhood for most of the 18 years I’ve lived here. I’ve been an activist in Oakland for a lot more. I’m looking for a representative who has shown the ability to work with and for us on many large and small issues, in city council and school board meetings, and at the neighborhood gatherings that many of us attend because we care about the myriad issues that face us. Pat has done that work. I have seen her grow in the job. I believe her to be honest with a willingness to listen and learn that gives me hope for a more inclusive council office than we have experienced since the days of Council Member Mary Moore.

I have heard the talk that we need Aimee to implement the Dellums agenda, an agenda I worked for. I believe Pat is ready and willing to work with him. What’s more, she’s in a better position to communicate the needs and concerns of our diverse district to our new mayor since she has been part of the struggles to implement community policing, develop and maintain our parks, promote neighborhood serving retail, and led the fight for local control of our Oakland school property. Pat is already serving our neighborhoods and for that she deserves our support.