If a proposal currently being considered is implemented, the number of travel lanes will be reduced, and bicycle lanes will be added, to Lakeshore Avenue between Mandana Blvd. and the Harvard Road/Winsor Avenue intersection.

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Oakland’s Public Works Agency contacted residents in that area in October and has since received numerous comments from community members. Council Member Pat Kernighan reported that a “significant majority” of those comments favored the project.

Nevertheless, Ms. Kernighan is convening a public meeting “to make sure that the neighborhood is fully informed about the proposal, and give everyone who is concerned ample opportunity for discussion.”

The public meeting will be this Wednesday evening, January 10, from 7 to 8:30 PM at Barnett Hall (behind the main building of Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church at 3534 Lakeshore Avenue—at Mandana Blvd.).

For more information about the proposed project, check out Jason Patton’s “The neighborhood benefits of bike lanes.”