Retail vacancies pose opportunity for community input

The departures of See’s Candies and GapKids, and other changes, open up significant retail vacancies on Lakeshore and Grand Avenues. How will they be filled? Ken Katz explains that history shows the best tenants result from an engaged community, and the time is ripe to renew that process.

Musical venues and holiday events on Lakeshore Avenue

Santa and Opera Piccola carolers come to the Farmer’s Market (Sunday, the 16th) and to Lakeshore Avenue (Saturday, the 22nd). Check out some Lakeshore Avenue businesses for other musical opportunities.

Giving thanks and ideas for sharing

Pamela Drake surveys the thanks-worthy bounty that is Oakland and shares her ideas for richly satisfying ways to share your good fortune with others. What are yours?

42-story scoping sessions loom over Schilling Garden

The City will prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) regarding a proposal to build a 42-story condo building on the site of the historic Schilling Garden near Lake Merritt. The City invites comments from the public regarding the scope of the EIR at either of two upcoming hearings (November 28 and December 10) or in writing until December 10.

James Vann: Decision gives second chance on Oak to Ninth

James Vann, a representative of the Coalition of Advocates for Lake Merritt, cheers the recent court decision overturning the city council’s approval of the Oak-to-Ninth project, which he sees as giving Oakland, and its city council, a second chance to do the right thing at that site.

Oak-to-Ninth ruling leaves Ninth Avenue Terminal under a cloud

Though she reversed the City of Oakland’s approval of the Oak-to-Ninth project, Judge Lee did not grant the Ninth Avenue Terminal’s wish. Hope lives on, however.

Court overturns City’s approval of Oak-to-Ninth Project

Responding to a pair of environmental lawsuits filed by local activists, Alameda County Superior Court judge Jo-Lynne Lee ordered the City of Oakland to undo its approval of the controversial Oak-to-Ninth Project.

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