A frequent theme in the comments of those who voted in the online FatBurger poll—both “Yes” and “No”—was how bad they feel the existing Kwik Way is.

The Kwik Way was frequently derided for being a “run-down dump” and an eyesore, having poor food, being dirty inside and out, and being a scene for drug dealing.

The word “blight” was commonly used to describe the Kwik Way property.

Here are some excerpts from the comments:

  • Kwikway’s gotta go.
  • Will a Fatburger improve Lake Park Avenue? Yes, but only because the Kwik Way is an embarrassment.
  • I lived, literally, next door to KwikWay for two years. While there, heard numerous gunshots, witnessed multiple drug deals… and have had my parked car littered and damaged with rubbish. The parking lot was left to be a breeding ground for illegal activity, not just during the night hours, when the parking lot was left unlocked & unpatrolled, but also during the daytime—I’m sure we all are familiar with the illegal CD/DVDs being peddled there today.
  • Local chain, real burger, new jobs, clean, remodel… that sounds better than the kwik Way and the alcohol and drug dealing that we have now. Fatburger is not so bad–definitely better than MacDonalds and FAR better than what is there now.
  • We should not settle for a mediocre project just because the owners have let the property get so blighted that it seems that anything would be better.
  • I just can’t stand how dirty that place is (inside and out), and what an eyesore it is to the whole street and facing the park. I know they are supposed to have good food—and I am no junk food snob. But I can’t imagine eating ANYTHING there, the surfaces and windows are all filthy and I can only imagine what I cannot see!
  • Without this store, the property is likely to remain blighted for a long time to come.
  • I see no justification for grandfathering Kwik Way’s lowclass fastfood burger joint, with its notoriously greasy & unhealthy food, its bad service, and, its blight of trash strewn on the ground.
  • Why would we allow an ailing eyesore to continue operations as we attempt to increase the value and appeal of our neighborhood?
  • Fix this blight as soon as possible.
  • …I believe its run-down character is neither in keeping with the beauty of this area nor the movement to improve it.
  • Beats what’s already there. The Kwik Way is a blight.
  • Bad as it is, we have lived with Quick Way for the thirty years I’ve been in this area—we can live with it a little longer until a more suitable plan can be implemented.
  • Kwik-Way is a run down dump and an eyesore.
  • Kwik Way is disgusting, both in appearance and cuisine, and based on the almost 6 years I have lived here, it will continue to blight the neighborhood into the forseeable future while we wait for a policically acceptable development solution.
  • The exhisting establishment is a health hazzard. It needs to go or be seriously checked by the health department.
  • While it may be true that almost anything would be better than Kwik Way, Fatburger is exactly the type of junk food establishment that we DON’T want in the Lakeshore shopping area.
  • The reality is that ANY business [would be] more popular than the grimy Quik Way….
  • KwikWay is such an eyesore and smells terrible. The place is filthy. If Fatburger wants to come in and clean up, I say we welcome them with open buns.
  • The Kwik Way is a nasty eyesore and Fatburger would be a huge improvement.
  • Kwik Way continues to be a blight and an eyesore in a pivotal spot in the neighborhood. The old adage, “best is the enemy of good,” applies here: Trying to find and agree on the best possible replacement has only served to perpetuate this eyesore and allow a palpably better solution to emerge. Even McDonald’s would have been better than Quik Way. Meanwhile, the prospects of developing a consensus on a mixed-use replacement seems remote, given the economic realities involved.
  • Kwik way is a dump anyway.
  • I can’t believe “Crap-Way” was allowed there for so long and there is so much opposition to fatburger.