Rarely does such a superb opportunity appear at one’s doorstep, especially when the opportunity involves public space, multiple jurisdictions and, well you know, a lot of messy bureaucracy.

But, that is exactly what is available to us via a much-needed project that will beautify the steep embankment that separates Lakeview School from the I-580 entrance/exit ramp.

Known as the Lakeview Mural Project, the idea and the artists are introduced at their web site.

Born from a unique partnership between Stephan Tompkins, (producer/film maker) and Peter Lee (beloved local artist and muralist), the mural project promises to transform the experience we all have of “the wall” by creating a mural that is art, education, and community at its core.

Now, as to where to spend your 15 minutes. This coming Tuesday evening, October 3, the Grand Lake Community Council will be meeting at the Grand Lake Neighborhood Center, 530 Lake Park Avenue [map], beginning at 7:00 p.m. A discussion of the mural project will begin roughly forty-five minutes later, at 7:45, giving you an in-person preview of the project in its concept phase. You’ll see drawings of the proposed West to East, “Wall goes Global,” concept.

Peter and Stephan both will be there to talk with you about where this idea originated, how it has evolved, what they hope for, and how you may help. They will also answer any questions you may have and listen to any input you want to offer.

This is an inspiring story of service to children, vision for our community, and a partnership between these two men and twelve other artists who are contributing to the project. It’s fifteen minutes guaranteed to be well spent.

Trust me — the Gardenless Gardener.