Patience paid off for Splash Pad and Trader Joe’s

The Trader Joe’s announcement gives the neighborhood both the park and the store it has wanted.

District 2 Lawn Sign Wars

In District 2 council race, purloining of opponent’s campaign signs and illegal posting of her own raises larger issues.

Homeless Connect returns November 13 to provide services and support

Oakland’s third Homeless Connect event coincides with the opening of the 100-bed winter shelter. Volunteers and donations are very much needed.

The homeless in our midst

The first in a series about the homeless and street people in our neighborhoods, our successes and failures, and the complex issues that arise.

Serenader’s cabaret license survives. Hours extension rejected

City of Oakland Hearing Officer Barbara Killey rejected Thursday the Hahn family’s request to extend operation on Thursdays to 1:30 a.m. and insisted they conform to the existing cabaret license.

Goose poop conundrum

It’s quite fitting that my first column is about the Lake Merritt geese — particularly since I’ve pledged to dish “All the Poop That’s Fit to Scoop.”

Me at Splash Pad Park dedication, Oct. 20, 2003

While I’ve seen how things too often don’t work, the incredible success of Splash Pad Park has inspired me to strive for nothing less than the best we can be.

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