Innovation at the Farmers Market

Traci Fellows shows off her new granola at the Grand Lake Farmers Market.

After months of eager anticipation, we finally got a chance to taste the new flavor of Traci’s Gourmet Granola: Southern Pecan Crunch. I’ve been a big fan of her original Fruit and Nut Crunch granola for several years—I take it on the road with me.

The new variety has a hint of (unsweetened) coconut, too. Made with organic rolled oats and pecans and sweetened with organic maple syrup (but not too sweet), it’s free of trans fats and refined sugar. For a health-conscious geezer like me, this food is a wonderful and healthy treat.

Traci’s Gourmet Granola is at the Grand Lake Farmers Market just about every week, and Traci herself is usually there, too, handing out samples and engaging warmly and enthusiastically with her happy customers.

Photo credit: David Gans.
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Comment from: Barbara [Visitor]
Best granola I have ever tasted why hasn't Traci come back to Brentwood's Farmers Market
Permalink 06/02/08 @ 09:18:08 am
Comment from: Barbara [Visitor]
Best granola I have ever tasted why hasn't Traci come back to Brentwood's Farmers Market
Permalink 06/02/08 @ 09:19:17 am
Comment from: David Gans [Visitor] ·
I've asked the Grand Lake Market people, and they don't know what happened to Traci. Her mother was very ill for a long time, and Traci took some time off to deal with her final days, and then I gather there were some other issues. But then she disappeared altogether. Her web site domain is now gone. It's sad - I miss her granola too! I hope she's okay. After sampling the gigantic variety of granolas out there I've started buying Udi's at the Whole Foods Market. Their "Au Naturel" is the closest to Traci's that I've found.
Permalink 06/02/08 @ 09:42:47 am
Comment from: G [Visitor]
Traci !!! We miss miss your granola and your great big smile and engaging voice at the market. Thank you for always sharing ideas. Thanks for always asking how my boy and daughter are doing each time I stop by your booth. Hope all is well with you and your mom. You are a daughter every mom would love to have. Take care G
Permalink 02/13/09 @ 02:16:54 pm
Comment from: family member [Visitor]
Yes, I wonder what happened to Traci too, especially since she is a family member that ripped us off for thousands of dollars to invest in her company. After her mother passed away she was around for a bit, then a relative that she borrowed money from (my dad) passed away as well. When the information regarding company shares had to be changed due to the deaths, she disappeared along with the shares we owned! Yea, real nice person. Hate that my parents ever invested but oh least we can sleep at night.
Permalink 04/12/09 @ 03:18:59 pm

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David Gans, a.k.a. the “Honky Tonk Hippie,” is a musician and photographer living on Haddon Hill. David has hosted the Grateful Dead Hour for over two decades and is the author of “Playing in the Band: An Oral and Visual Portrait of the Grateful Dead.

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