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The Grand Avenue Business Association (GABA) recently published a directory of merchants in the Grand Avenue district.

The directory includes a color-coded map that shows the locations of each store. The directory lists merchants by classification, and the color coding helps shoppers find the stores’ locations.

Its cover bears the slogan: “Think Grand. Shop Grand. Be Grand.”

The directories are now available at most stores including the Grand Lake Theater and Safeway at 3747 Grand Avenue. Additional copies are available at the Grand Lake Neighborhood Center at 530 Lake Park Avenue and at AVC Video Production at 3738 Grand Avenue.

You can also download the directory, in two parts: the inside, which has the listing of merchants (2.5MB pdf) and the outside, which includes the front cover and a greeting.

Please pick up copies of the directory for yourself and for your neighbors. And remember to Shop Grand because keeping the dollars in Oakland builds and sustains our community.

Click to download (2.5MB pdf)

Click to download (1.6MB pdf)