Letters explore pros and cons of the Measure N library bond

Several letters—and their comments—discuss the pros and cons of Measure N—the Neighborhood and Main Library Improvement, Expansion, Repair and Construction Facilities Bond Measure.

Gen Katz rebuts Judith Offer’s “No on N”

Gen Katz, of Friends of the Oakland Public Library, rebuts Judy Offer’s letter in opposition to Measure N, saying among other things that reuse of the Kaiser Center would be no more expensive that the alternative of increasing the height of the existing Main Library.

Judith Offer: I love the library, but NO on N

Playwright Judith Offer says No to Measure N because most of the money would go not to the branches but to the conversion of the Kaiser Auditorium.

Measure N will improve Oakland’s libraries

Kathleen Hirooka explains the benefits that passing Measure N—the Neighborhood and Main Library Improvement, Expansion, Repair and Construction Facilities Bond Measure—will confer on Oakland’s libraries.

Instant Runoff Voting — A step towards a healthier democracy

City Attorney John Russo says that Instant Runoff Voting would measure the voters’ will more accurately, would expand the choice of candidates, and would be an antidote to negative campaigning.

Co-coordinator of Benefits Coalition rebuts Hutchinson’s Oak-to-Ninth article

This letter from Andy Nelsen is a response to Helen Hutchinson’s article, “Why we support the Oak-to-Ninth referendum.”

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