My afternoon visiting with Waste Management’s Goon Squad

Fed up with overflowing trash receptacles along Lakeshore Avenue, I headed to Waste Management’s offices to get some answers.

Quagmire on the Estuary

It has been nearly a year since City Attorney John Russo ordered a halt to verifying signatures for a referendum challenging the Oak-to-Ninth project passed by our city council.

How ’bout some face time, Ron?

Many of us worked for and looked forward to a different kind of administration. He told us he wasn’t superman and some of us were okay with that. So why now does it seem that our former congressman, our new mayor, our fighter for justice seems to have gone into a phone booth rather than out on the street, a sit-down with reporters, or a walk through the farmers’ markets?

L’Amyx tea bar set to open Wednesday on Lakeshore

L’Amyx tea shop opens at 3437 Lakeshore Avenue on Wednesday, February 7, at 10 AM. Grand Opening follows on Saturday, February 17.

Local developer: mixed-use development on Kwik Way site still works

Pamela Drake reports on the demise of the mixed-use development that many in the community helped plan. She talks to all the principals and learns that the original developer still believes that the housing market in our neighborhood is strong enough to support that development even now. He’d bet his company on it.

Royal Fireworks

When the East Bay Symphony played “Music for the Royal Fireworks” during Monday’s Inaugural, it was more appropriate than anyone would have predicted.

Inaugural Week coming

Pamela Drake fills us in on upcoming inaugural events including one right in our neighborhood: Hands Around the Lake on the morning of Saturday, January 13th. She warns that it’s up to us to make sure that this inaugural lives up to its potential to a greater degree than our last big inaugural did.

Pamela Drake has lived in Oakland since 1973 and has been a community activist since the 80s starting with her involvement in OCO (Oakland Community Organizations). She has been staff to two council members, the director of the Grand Lake Neighborhood Center, presently runs the Lakeshore Business Improvement District, and teaches Adult Ed here. She raised her two children in Oakland where they attended public school.

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